Juli 15, 2013

Flu + Fever = Failed

      I'm so sorryyy!!
      I broke my promise (I never told you but I promise to my self, in my mind) to reply all comments and do blogwalking to your blog. Sniff... Sniff... It has been 4 days since I got flu and fever. Maan, I felt so sick. I slept almost all day long in this 4 days and now I'm in better condition, I think. Still in fever actually but I miss this blog so much and I miss your blogs as well. Let's hope that blogging will heal me as effective as medicine.

Thank you google for this AUL AWL OWL pictures. u save my blog! Click for source.

    The weather is always unpredictable lately. For example, it was 22 degrees celsius this cloudy morning and it's very hot and bright now. Take care of your health! One failed-to-be-diligent-blogger (me) is enough. See ya! Owl be back soon! Toowhit Toowhoo!

Sumber pic : http://icanhascheezburger.com

10 komentar:

  1. GWO my friend.. dont be sad, keep spirit and stay healthy.. ^^

  2. Wah, istirahat aja dulu, mungkin akan mempercepat kesembuhan, tp memang ngeblog terkadang bikin addict sih, jadi management waktu adalah kunci'a :)

  3. Banyak2 minum air putih, jangan ke dukun yak kalo flu.. haha.. semoga cpet sembuh, eh udah sembuh belum sih?

  4. semoga cepet sembuh sahabat :-)

  5. Lebih Banyak-banyak istirahat aja gan

  6. suhunya 22 derajat celcius di pagi hari? dingin sekali untuk ukuran indonesia

  7. posisi dmna sob?
    cepat sembuh ya,,,,,
    cuaca panas,,,,,,,


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