September 01, 2013

Welcome September!

     Hi everyone!
     You good? Well, I'm not.
    You know, the first month after holiday is always filled by mess. I'm feeling awkward. Dimana-mana dan apa saja terasa kacau. Jadwal kuliah, tugas kuliah, tugas organisasi, kewajiban ini kewajiban itu bla-bla-bla ARRRGGHHH #Kusut. Namun, semua berubah setelah negara api menyerang september datang. Syukurlah...

     Believe or not, I'm so happy now. New month means new atmosphere to me. I'm kinda bored and tired and scared of the august, I think. Hope september will be nice. Welcome, anyway..!

See yaa pretty soon, everyone!

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  1. aamiin
    august is not so bad to me, but i'm extremely happy because september is my mounth, hihi :))

  2. sepetember sudah hadir...tak lama lagi kita kan jelang 2014....salam :-)

  3. HAI :) sudah study harus ingat kuliah dimana mana hehe

  4. September banyak jadwal libur yah :D

  5. Ah cepat sekali yaa sudah september. Sebentar lagi masuk kuliah nih :|
    Ayooo deh semangat 2013! Adek Aul juga semangat yaaaa :D

  6. amin.. smoga september menjadi lebih baik lagi

  7. gak pernah bosan mampir ke sini walau kurang ngerti apa yang di posting.....

  8. welcome september ^_^ one month to go to my birthday yay \^_^/

    cie yang kuliah yang sibuk sampe gak sempat mampir ke kantor :P

  9. Selalu ingat lagunya GreenDay kalau dengar kata 'September'... :D


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