Desember 07, 2013

Anybody There?

     Well, hi again everyone!
It have been a month since the last post, right? O-M-G I can't believe that I could do such thing like leaving home for that-long-time without any announcement about my whereabout or when I would be back. It was kinda cruel, I know. I was just like a father who abandoned his son. Even though in this case, I abandoned my blog, actually. lol. So, how are you?

     I'm so sorry, okay? November was the busiest month ever (I also said the same in other month but trust me, this november was the worst) and other worst thing was : the wifi on my faculty has been error (again) since the end of last October. I'm writing this post at midnight, using my brother's modem secretly (Ssstt.. don't tell him). uhmm..

     I don't have idea what to share right now, anyway. there were too many things happened last month.

     Oh! Before everything become too late, I wanna say "happy birthday" for my best friend, N (he didn't let me to write down his name). He's kind a shy-shy-boy. He even never let people take his photo. Nobody has his photo. nobody ever can take his photo. including me. his bestfriend.. -___-

     But thank God I finally broke the world record. I got some photos of us. hahah. he allowed me to take a photo for a minute only in his birthday. a kind of gift, perhaps (weird). tadaaaa..

with some juniors. we all are from a same department of an organization in campus
the birthday cake.
You know what? Both of us have a similar characteristic with Spongebob & Patrick.
I'm like the spongebob, he's just like the patrick. (except the idiot side)
but both of us do idiot actions, sometimes :')

Happy birthday, ndut.
(Btw dia udah kurus sekarang. berhasil OCD kayaknya hahaha)
I hope our friendship will be last forever
like the real spongebob and patrick

The new design of this blog is almost done. Be waiting!

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15 komentar:

  1. cieeee yang senior :p hihihi

    happy birthday, temennya bang aul ^^ so sweet banget kalian :)

  2. senang bisa melihat blog ini sudah mulai giat kembali dengan postingan terbaru...welcome back Aul :-)

  3. November is a busy month, but when all is finished, do not forget to fix your blog with the latest article....
    keep happy blogging :-)

  4. haha happy birthday to your best friend, N :P

  5. wihiiii happy birthday to ur bestie btw :D

  6. patrick spongebob? hehehee. well, selamat ya udah ngancurin record gak bisa moto dia! hehehe. btw, liat design blogmu jadi pengen ngedesign blog nih >.<

  7. lucu.. :D
    mgkin kawan aul GB maa..

  8. Gak rasa ya udah senior jadinya, hahaha.

    Awal2 sibuk mah buat besok2 kalo ada jadwal sibukudah enteng jadinya, hahaha.

    btw, long time no see Aul!

  9. Gak rasa ya udah senior jadinya, hahaha.

    Awal2 sibuk mah buat besok2 kalo ada jadwal sibukudah enteng jadinya, hahaha.

    btw, long time no see Aul!

  10. happy birthday buat temennya Aul

  11. I have took bang Nan**'s picture for "kakbep" for Oke Kampus book :D

  12. Aaaand, guess what, it's on the same day when he's on that um, you know, the box that we call kardus. And he didn't use that box to hide his face at that time :)
    By, the way, i'm waiting for ur new design bang Aul..


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