Desember 19, 2013

Pagang Island

Anyone here knows Pagang Island?

sumber :

It's a beautiful island located at Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. So some weeks ago the students in my major (including me) visited Pagang Island. The main purpose was to learn about the safety action on the ship / on the sea. But we ended in the island and had a quality time. LOL.

I'm not gonna tell you guys all about the whole story, anyway. It would be boring.
So, let the photos speak...

 Ke pulau nya pakai kapal tim SAR Nasional.
Sebenarnya untuk belajar tapi malah jadi liburan.. hahaha
Ready to go!
But unfortunately, the weather changed.
Jadi gelap, banyak mendung, hujan lebat.. berasa di film-film..
Ayayy Captain!
TADAA! Welcome to Pagang Island
How to go there?
JREENG! By using the Rescue Boat
Coral Reefs!
Pecahan bangkai terumbu karang!
Harta karun pulau!
Beautiful white coral reef
Me love
Start collecting
Proudly presented: my hunting result! corals and clams in bottle. for souvenirs
Loving the sand
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time to go home :'(
dirty face. sweaty + salty + sticky + Stinky
clean face. hehe
bitch please, we're boring seeing your face, Aul -_-

Thank you very much for reading + viewing + visiting my blog.
I'm so happy knowing that the visitor counter is now running again. haha
(it stucked when I was leaving this blog last november haha)

Sorry for too much posting photos.
hehe ^^

See you in the next story!

13 komentar:

  1. keren2 banget coralnyaa... pengen doong :O
    jadi inget waktu ke lombok nih :)

  2. Seragamnya keren hehehe.. eh itu seragam/almamater/apa sih sebutannya?

  3. Aduh dek, bkin mupeng pengen ke pantai baca ini >__<
    Bagus juga yaa pantai daerahmu. Yuk kpn2 cobain pantai sini :)

  4. Cantik pantainya Ul...
    Lucu-lucu banget itu karangnya...

  5. Beautiful place :D


  6. Masya Allah, cantik nian nih tempat :)

  7. itu pulau gak berpenghuni ya aul? keren! wkwkwkw, ini lg ngumpulin duit mw keliling jawa, hahahaha

  8. lihat pulau pagang jadi ingat pantai bungus... dulu waktu kecil...duluuuuuu banget, pernah ke pantai bungus, dulu masih cantik n bersih.. tp sekarang katanya ga kayak dulu lagi :(

  9. your trip looking so fun ! tempatnya juga bagus hehe

  10. pengen kesana lah..
    bosan dgn pantai dekat rumah :D
    jauh ga aul?? daerah mana tuu??

  11. keren bang,jadi pengen kesana juga

    kunjungi juga blog aku ya bang :) #blogwalking


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