Maret 06, 2014

YEAH!! Cerpen Pertama Di Majalah!

The wish become true!
This is my first Short story/cerpen on a national magazine! Alhamdulillah :)
So, last september I randomly sent my short story to HAI Magazine by e-mail. I thought it would not be published, because the story is not a new one. I wrote it about a year before. I didn't remember what I was thinking at that moment. Seriously, I just sent it for no purpose. I was surprised when I checked my inbox 2 weeks ago--when I read an e-mail from the magazine, telling me that my short story would be published on first week of march edition--I'm out of my mind!

Today I bought the magazine and here are some of the pics..

     I'm very grateful and happy and grateful and happy in the same time. I wish it will be a long-last-spirit-booster for me in writing. So that I will always write new story or new book or anything else. By the way, wish me luck with my book! I try to continue writing it again since I'm no longer a member of any organization nor a part of any mission. I'm free like a bee!

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  2. saya inget perjuanganmu dari dulu, klo aul magazine masih ada gak?
    selamat yah :)

  3. congratulations!!
    nice post...Greets Jon

  4. bg aul,, you are awesome.. i wish i could do same thing like yours,,

  5. bg aul,, you are awesome.. i wish i could do same thing like yours,,

  6. selamat ya aul :) tetap semangat

  7. kebanggan yg tak terkira ya cerpen karya sendiri bisa dimuat di majalah.. bisa intip cerpennya kah gan ? :D

  8. congratulation ya Auwl...selamat berkarya...semoga makin sukses selalu....keep happy blogging always...salam dari Makassar :-)

  9. wiiiih kereeen banget, kaak !! Selamat kaaak, terus berkarya :)

  10. Wuih keren bnaget kakak Aul satu ini, hebat nihhh tulisannya dimuat di majalah yaaa.. Saya mah dulu boro2 jadi penulis,, ga kepikiran jadi penulis, namun jalan yang mengantarkan saya sampai titik ini ehehhee.. Semangat kak Aul! Keren pokoknyamah hee


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