Maret 11, 2014

Stripes Makes Me Smile

Hello everyone!
How's your day? Mine is good. Always good, since I was no longer a member of any organization or group. I'm like freed from Azkaban, you know. It makes me know the true meaning of freedom. Now I have much time for hanging out with my friends, for blogging, for writing stories, for having quality times with family, for travelling, for watching various programs on TV aaaand many other fun things. hehehe..

So how about a lot of denim and stripes?

 Peter Says Denim Shirt, Unbranded stripes T-shirt,
Skinny black jeans, Converse All Stars shoes

See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo!

17 komentar:

  1. like ur shoes...
    ngomong2 juru fotonya siapa, ni?

  2. Stripes and denim look so good together i love your pics.

  3. aku lebih suka tanpa kemeja denim nya.. bikin lebih simpel :)

  4. Of course! Stripes makes me so happy too! It have endless combination and it such an effortless option for any look! And I loved that reference on Harry Potter haha!

    Best regards

  5. Good look<3 I really like your blog :) I'm following you right now!

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  7. Perfect look for a casual day! i like it!


  8. Amazing t-shirt !!!! Cool.

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  10. I really like the denim-strippes combination, your denim shirt is incredible!
    Thanks for stopping, I wait you more times in my blog, I love your style!
    Big kisses,

  11. So cool & fresh look! xxx

  12. Love this shirt!!

  13. Hi Aul, aku cuma mau ngucapin selamat atas cerpen kamu yang dimuat di majalah. Sukses! :)


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