March 30, 2014

Hello (Again) UTS!

Well, Hi.
I'm gonna be not-so-update until April 8 coz I'll have mid semester test.
Means I have to study hard because I never study hard lately.
I know it's a kind of bad habbit but I just could not force my self to be more discipline. I don't know why. Haha.

Until the next post! Be waiting!


  1. hahahahaha ujian terussssss

  2. ok, ditunggu post selanjut nya.....

  3. ok..iam waiting...
    sucses for u uts...

  4. Perasaan baru kemarin pamit ujian semester, sekarang udah mid semester lagi. Cepet banget yakk mahasiswa ujiannya *ehh
    anyway,. good luck! may God bless your effort XD

  5. Blogwalking :)
    mau download game android disini ya

  6. great..ok i'll be waiting for your new post...keep happy blogging always.,.salam dari Makassar :-)

  7. wua, kalo saya UTS jadwalnya tergantung kesepakatan mahasiswa dan dosen..
    ohya, foto-foto di forest nya keren-keren loh...
    apalagi warnanya kontras (ijo dan putih), beuh keren banget


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