Juni 04, 2012

It's Holiday and I'm Back!

     Hello everyone! missing me? hehe. LOL. Finally, all of my "campus time" were over yesterday. Relieve. You know, after some weeks for UAS (last semester exams) I also got an Inaguration and trial, coz now I'm a part of BEM in my faculty. Makes me so busy. I got so many meetings and assignments. Unpredictable. I think I was really tired after that, so I spent some days for taking enough rest. The good thing is: my holiday is started from early June and over about August!! That's more than 2 months! YAY! hehehe... VERY HAPPY :)

Btw, I'm currently playing Harvestmoon GBA game.
Classic, but fantastic. I spent my days to play and play. LOL
Do you ever play this game?

And oh...
I already picked the winner of MY GIVEAWAY using RANDOM.ORG. I was WOWed knowing there are so many participants with so many points/link name to randomize. Thank you thank you thank you!
and TADAAAA... here is the result:

Congratulations to Bang Nuel! (Owner of www.immanuels-notes.blogspot.com)
You won a Headset + Music CD :)

Thank you very much for everyone who joined this giveaway! You know what, I asked your favorite songs because I want to add more cool songs for my playlist to listen. In other word, You recommend me any cool song to listen. Thank you thank you! Me likey!

That's all for now.
See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowho!

I'm sorry for late to announce the winner. I'm kinda busy, and I played Harvestmoon too often. I think I'm addicted. hehehe :)

21 komentar:

  1. wah harvest moon! jadi kangen, uda lama ga main harvest moon. :')

  2. Hi, Aul..
    Long time no chat here..

  3. congrulation for immanuel^^

  4. Halahhhhhh lg mumet aku, ora understod boso londo

  5. ahhhhhh!!!
    Harvest Moon itu salah satu alasan aku jarang di rumah pas aku SD!!
    lha wong nongkrongnya di rental PS trus sih. Hihihi

  6. oot : banyak baca novel roman aja. ntar ketemu soulnya kok.

  7. full english. Waduu. I dont know what i say.

  8. Ijin nulis Indonesia saja ya..biar cepat..hehehe

    Eh, itu ada nama saya dlm list randomnya ya? Runner up posisinya. wheheee...tersanjung deh masuk daftarnya.

  9. huohoho... padahal aku pengen dapet yang gratisan...

  10. halo masbro..
    sudah hampir setahun gak mampir ke sini...


  11. Aku belum pernah main game itu. Selamat buat Nuel. Wah Aul skrg sibuk ikut BEM ya, congrats selamat sibuk Kuliah.

  12. selamat ya buat nuel,,,walau sebenar nya gak ngerti,,,

  13. LOL, not yet... maybe next time I'll try to play that game. I prefer like to read some articles nowdays :D

    congratulation to the winner ^_^

  14. weeew, dua bulan liburan bro .. ajib bener, maen harvest moon ampe mabok seru kali ya .. hhohoho

  15. nuel yang menang,langsung minta cipratan hadiahnya ahhhhh

  16. I love harvest moon :D
    Wishing the best for your GPA :D

  17. Game Playstation yang paling aku favoritkan :)


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