October 05, 2012

Harry Potter Week

     So, there would be Harry Potter movies on TV during this week. 5 days for 5 movies! (They didn't show the 6th and the 7th movie on TV but it's okay since I have it in my computer). As you guys all know, I'm a Harry Potter Freak. I never be bored to watch Harry Potter again and again hahaha. Well, the TV version is more clearly than in my computer so It give more satisfaction.

     Last night I excitedly watched the 1st movie. One of my favorite! (I also favorited the 3rd and the 5th). The next movie will be on TV tonight and tomorrow and 2 days later and after that and... Toowhit Toowhoo!!

     Anyone here watch Harry Potter?

     Anyway, The Mid Semester test will be over next friday! 7 days left (total: 12 days)! I hardly did my best so far (for Epidemiology, Science Of Nutrition, Science Of Environmental HealthFarmacology, etc) eventhough I always lazy to study. Oooops :p The only good thing is: There's no test in weekend. Ahh... refreshing-for-a-moment sounds like a fun plan.

Please please please wish me luck for my Mid semester Test, everyone!

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!


  1. wah saya juga suka banget nih sama harry potter.. sudah ngulang ngulang nontonnya... koleksi buku dan dvdnya juga...

  2. It is not a big deal if u make mistakes in English. People will still understand you, but ..
    wanna know my correction? :D

  3. Foto harrypotter indonesianya juga keren tuh... jago buat lampu pakai tongkat :)

  4. n_n
    aku juga nonton.
    sayang gak ada season yang lainnya.
    (sinetron kalee)

  5. hahaha, pasti seneng banget ya kamu harpot di TV.
    kenapa panggil kak sih, kayanya kita seumuran deh. -_-

  6. Di kosan ga ada TV jadi ga bisa nonton bang T.T

  7. Love these Harry Potter pics! I can watch the movies and read the books over and over without ever getting bored. Good luck on your test! :)


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