Oktober 30, 2012

Please Be Mine, You Super Cool Camera!

     Hello muggles!
     As I ever told you in one of my blogpost, that the camera of my phone --which I usually use to take any photos-- is could not be used anymore. There are some errors with it and I didn't want to repair it because of expensive cost. It would be better If I save the money to buy the new camera.
     But.. nowadays, saving money is really hard to do. For example, I was walking around the campus and accidentally found a new shop which sells many new foods. I could not control my self, of course. I love foods too much :p Then I spent my money for it. ckckck.
     I have been doing many things to get a new camera. Saving money sounds hard [But I'm still in the progress of saving money]. Then I tried to find contest or competition or giveaway which give camera as the prize. ^^

     The main prize are a super cool aquapix camera and a bracelet. This contest is held by Achter Shop and Sugar Shop. If you want to join this giveaway too, simply do this steps:
1. visit the giveaway post, here.
2. Follow Achter and Sugar Shop blog
3. LIKE Achter and Sugar Shop fanpages
4. Follow Achter and Sugar Shop twitter
5. Blog about this giveaway (giveaway link required)
6. Tweet about this giveaway, mention @sugarshopp and @Achter8 (giveaway link required)
 The giveaway will be closed on Oct, 30th 2012.
The winner will be sellected randomly on Oct, 31th 2012.

Isn't that camera looks super cool?
I wanna get it! [mana gratis lagi. gilaa X)) haha ]

See you in the next post!

20 komentar:

  1. Tidak pasang alat terjemahan yah kawan? biar gampang terjemahin :)

  2. Ayo semangat. Semoga kamu menang Adik Bro. Kalau Adik Bro dapat kamera itu pasti blog-nya jadi rame dengan foto-foto yang bagus.

  3. wah. deadline GA-nya hanya sampai 30 Oktober...telat dech :)

  4. good luck aul!! be a lucky man :D
    i'm not really sure but i feel you will be a winner!! i hope

  5. right! wehave same problem with saving money bang !! hoho.
    Saya juga pengen cameranya T_T
    but goodluck! semoga dapet ya :D

  6. GOOD LUCK AUL! hehe..
    wish you win it!
    btw kalo menang gelangnya buat aku ya *wink*

    Agree with you, it's hard to saving money nowadays :(

    visit my little cream button♥

  7. kamera air tuh yah?

  8. Really love it! So great!


  9. Thaat camera got me drooling !
    Loved your blog ! :)
    followed you in GFC , hope you follow back !


  10. Weee..keren deh GA hadiahnya camera getttu. tapi sayangnya telat neh kalau ikutan hiks:(

  11. Semoga dapet ya Aul!
    Aku juga pengen punya kamera underwater gitu, tapi belom kesampean :D

  12. Followed you already ! :)
    Btw , I don't have a profile picture !

  13. Wish you luck;) Nice blog. Wanna follow each other?

    Eka Theresia♥

  14. iiiiih... oren... lucuuuuu...
    aku udah lama nggak mampir kesini, eh si empunya blog lagi ikutan GA, semoga dapet kameranya ya???

  15. wow, kameranya keren. good luck ya, aul :)

  16. Whaa ..
    orange!! Love it!!
    So, like to hear the result, aul ? :)did u win?


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