Oktober 01, 2012

Me In Chibi Version : Awesome Artwork!

     Hello everyone! How are you?
    I'm fine. and busy. as usual. LOL. Seriously. heyy, I'll face Mid Semester Test this 2 weeks (until October 12). You see? =__= There's always annoying thing after a busy time over. ARGH!!

     Let's skip that...

    Anyway, before I start to the blog post, anyone here know something about chibi (Child Body)? Here I give you a copy from wikipedia:

     "Chibi (ちび or チビ?) is a Japanese slang word meaning "short person" or "small child". The word has gained currency amongst fans of manga and anime. Its meaning is of someone or some animal that is small.."

And here are some examples:

One Piece chars  in Chibi ver.

Naruto Chars in Chibi ver.
super Junior members in Chibi ver.
Girls Generation (SNSD) members in Chibi ver.

Back to the blogpost... 
     Last night, I got an awesome artwork- sent by my friend in USA, Kia. I know her from twitter since we're big fans of owlcity. So, some days ago she sent owlcity a self drawing/caricature in chibi version. It's so cool. Then I tried to request her a drawing of me in chibi version too. And TADAAAAA...

her inspirations:

     Thank you Kia!
     I love it very much. Super awesome!
     Go visit and follow her tumblr here, or find her on twitter by clicking here. She's great!

     Uhmm... So far, I've collected 5 drawings of me. Click here to see. If you're interested to draw me too (please in cartoon version only. realistic paintings or illustrations which are very similar are not allowed in my faith), you could send it to my email Aulhowler@yahoo.com ..and I'll post it here of course! Thanks

Wish me luck in my Mid Semester test!

     See you in the next post!
     Toowhit Toowhoo!!

14 komentar:

  1. iya,
    awesome avatarnya dek,
    tapi abang gak nahan liat gaya kamu itu,
    mirip boyband2 gitu, hehe..


  2. oh itu namanya chibi ya... bagus juga ya karyanya... meluncur ke sitenya ah.. kali kali dapet di gambarin juga.. thanks

  3. hebat ya chibi-nya...karakternya mirip banget dengan aslinya :D

  4. wlaaaaaaa gambarnya bagus! :O
    chibi itu gambarnya luculucu ya :3

  5. kyaaa chibi..
    iya aku juga suka sama chibi-chibi-an, kaya chibinya card captor sakura, chibinya digimon :P

    asik ya aul dapat chibi gitu, mau juga... buatin buatiiin..

    visit my little cream button♥

  6. Huaaaa Aul jadi unyuuuu (/>o<)/

  7. Udah cocok tuh gambarnya digaabung dengan boyband biar dikirain anggota boyband juga ^._.^

  8. what a cute pic it is!
    lucu gambarnya sih sebenernya, haha
    duuhh, yg dapet kenalan baru. awas ntar jodoh lho...
    #ganyambung hahaha

  9. at first, i think 'chibi' is something about Cherrybelle hahahaa


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