May 08, 2013

Beach Beach Beach!

     Well, Hi.
     A few days ago, my aunt and her family, my family and I visited Caroline Beach. It's one of many beaches in Padang, West Sumatera. If I compare it with other beaches, it's not really beautiful, actually. But the plus point of this beach is... The Banana Boat! I've never got chance to ride on it before. And now I can. YEAH.
I think I should not tell eveything. Let the pictures speak...

Nabila, Alifa, Me, Zafif The-only-one-nephew. Ready to party. lol
With Alifa
Acompanying cousin and nephew playing with sand.
I'm a good cousin & a good uncle. lol
The Banana Boat!
Co-captain, brother, cousin, cousin, sister, me, cousin
 Our first time. So excited.
The drama. The captain flipped the boat to make us afraid.
Nabila cried. afraid of drowning. She watched Titanic too often =.="
The epic view. Love it.

     I always love visiting beach. Always refreshing. That's what I really need now. You know why? Coz I'll face The Final Semester Exams. At 13 May. OMG time passes so fast...

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!


  1. pengen juga kesana :) bdw hadiahnya kok lum sampe ya aul? :)

  2. subhanallah, sungguh menakjubkan pemandangan pantai caroline ini, melihat foto-fotonya rasanya aku ingin juga segera turut menceburkan diri ke pantai byur byur byur :-)

  3. wah, seru ya :D btw, aku selalu benci part banana boat yang sengaja dibalikin itu. bukan karena takut, aku gak suka rambutku basah :p

  4. look like you have a great time. I also love beach ! :DD. Btw, keep spirit for final exam :finger crossed: yeah

  5. mlm sob wah bagus banget sob pemandangannya sob jdi pngen kesanah sob heheheh

  6. seru yah banana boatnya

    *20 gb betul, temanku internetnya kencang banget

  7. I always love your pics bang :D
    Bakat gitu yah jadi pro photographer :P

  8. hmm.. sorry but.. it will be better if you are carefull to put the picture aul..
    Mind for "the private part of the body not to be exposed"/aur2t

  9. indah banget , jadi tertarik hati ingin kesana

  10. wah seru maen banana boat, jadi pengen T_T

  11. belum pernah kesana. pengiiin. kapan ya bisa kesana.
    ayo mas, kapan temen2 diundang kesana buat jalan-jalan bareng.

  12. mampir sobat mau cari yang baru sekalian mau nganterin kopi heheheheh

  13. wah asyik banget liburannya.. pemandangannya yg sangat indah + suasana yg ceria...sangat sulit saya dapatkan suasana seperti itu...

  14. kayaknya kalo diedit dan dikirim ke instagram, lebih bagus dan dramatis. nice photos :)

  15. Saya suka lihat foto2nya terutama keluarga Aul yang Alhamdulillah pakai hijab ^^

  16. asik dah yang penting sama keluarga, kemana aja asik

  17. Never had the guts to ride those lol
    you can't imagine what happens if you fall down on the middle of the sea! xD


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