Mei 29, 2013

Featured : Singgalang Newspaper

     This is actually the newspaper from 2 years ago, when I was waiting for the announcement of UN result in the last year of highschool. But it have been missing. And I just found it yesterday when I randomly re-cleaned my bedroom. Yay. You never know what treasure you have until you clean your bedroom, right?

First time featured as a writer. 
I was still cool, cute and handsome 17 years old at that momment..
     The Singgalang Newspaper is published and sold in West Sumatera, Indonesia. I was featured in the "ICON" column, SMS Section, 2011 edition. I post this photo here to burn my spirit, to motivate me to write more diligently. Coz the acivities as a student made me lazy to write lately. Hehehehe..

      Btw, I already have some writing projects to spend my super long holiday [3 months! woww].
      Happy holiday & Wish me luck ;)

11 komentar:

  1. Awesome! Congratulations on your feature.

  2. teruslah menulis Mas, saya bangga sekali melihat Mas Aul terus tampil di berbagai media massa.

  3. Aul udah liburan semester ya :O enaaak banget, aku aja belum UAS nih :( dan liburanku tergadaikan oleh KKN hhuhhu, selamat menikmati liburan yaaa

  4. aaaah kak aul keren :3
    anyway, happy holiday kak ;)

  5. heee...ane baru tau kalo aul itu penulis. Emang udah nulis apa aja?

  6. aaah kelanjur pencet publish...

    ane pen baca tulisannya hehehe.... apa ada di link blog di atas ato aul nulis novel?

    semangat ya untuk semuanya :D


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