Juni 01, 2013

New Flickr, New Adventure

     As a photography lover, I often spend my time surfing on internet, looking for photography photos for pleasing my eyes or collecting them to be the backgrounds for my Otoru-kun (my netbook). So my writing time using Otoru-kun will never be boring. Coz whenever I'm bored, I just need to see the wallpaper/background and it will refresh my mind (I think that works for me. hehehe). Actually there are so many sites which provide the photos I want, but lately I'm falling in love with Flickr.com!

You know, Flickr.com just upgraded their site.
Now, you can upload your photos in the easier way.

And oh, you can upload your photos for 1 Terabyte!

Can you believe that?
It's like you can upload more than 537.731 photos in high resolution.

You also can share your photos in the real resolution.
No resizing, No fading, No blurry adding. WOW!

You can share your photos everywhere!
No matter what gadget you use or what destination you want.

I love every piece of photo in Flickr.com.
Many talented photographers store their masterpieces here.
High quality, high resolution, imaginative, real, just beautiful..

If you're a nature lover like me,
I can guarantee that you will love the photos in Flickr.com.

You can save it easily.
Just right click the photo you want, chose the size you want, save!
But NOT for commercial thingy

     Thats so amazing, right? I usually visit Flickr.com for collecting photos only, for wallpapers or backgrounds or something. But since Flickr.com upgraded their site, I really really want to register and upload photos soon! Sadly I didn't have any camera yet. My phone camera in in the trouble and Urgh!! If I were you I would visit Flickr.com and register now!