September 25, 2012

What I Watched Recently

This 2 weeks, I got opportunities to watch this film and concert on TV (at night, before sleeping). And I like it. Did you guys watch this on TV too?

If you guys didn't, View the videos completely on youtube. Coz I just post some here, hehehe...
See you in the next post!


  1. I watched noah concert too! it was inadvertent, my timeline full with it and I'm a bit curious, so I watched it too.
    Gangnam style! I haven't watch the flash mob that people talked. Gonna watch it~
    SM town! did you watch it? btw it's in our TV too~

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  2. I haven't watch TV much nowadays. paling pas pagi mau berangkat kuliah.. haha
    But I watched SMTOWN rerun concert in RTCI last night. It was great. (:


  3. Kamu gak ikutan Gangnam Style Aul?

  4. Suka film kartunnya... film itu sudah ada sejak zaman aku kecil ^._.^

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  6. noah itu yang peterpan baru kan, aul?

  7. and what's your favourite, aul??? :P

  8. what about The Innocence of Muslims??
    Did u watch it too??

  9. gua ga suka nonton tivi nih hueheheh.


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