Juni 26, 2013

Surprise from friends

     Hello everyone. Yesterday my friends of mine at campus surprised me with a birthday cake. A handmade cake. Tya (one of them) is the one who cooked it. Wow. My 2nd cake of the year. After that we spent the afternoon at karaoke. Super fun! Thanks alot guys :)

     In the night, my friends and I (all boys in the class) went for hang out in KFC to celebrated my birthday. And before going home we visit beach and Siti Nurbaya Bridge. Totally fun :)


      We accidentally saw a wild turtle in the beach! This was my very first time seeing a real wild turtle (I usually see it on TV or National Geographic channel hehe). Maybe it wanted to lay its eggs. We were afraid if bad people would take the eggs and sell it. That's so cruel. So I took the photo of turtle with blitz light to make it scared. Lucky. The turtle then ran away to the sea. Bye-bye Mrs. turtle. Save your babies!

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10 komentar:

  1. bahagianya ya..bila temandan sahabat punya perhatian pada yang ulang tahun...benar2 suprise...selamat hari lahir ya :-)

  2. Malah ngerjain kura-kura.. (-___-)
    Once more,. happy birthday Aul! :D

  3. btw happy birthday ! may God bless you and fams

    Best wishes,
    Adhi Wahyudi

  4. Barakallah Fi Umrik..
    Semoga selalu menjadi lebih baik..

  5. waaah, saya kok ga diundang... hehehe
    Best Wishes

  6. Happy (belated) birthday yaa,, Awull... best wishes... :)

  7. Haply birthday Kak Aul! Semoga dengan bertambahnya umur rezeki, kedewasaan, kesehatan, keberkahan selalu bertambah yaa. :))

  8. wah asiknya hang out bareng.met ultah ya....sukses terus...


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