Oktober 14, 2016

Blogger.com New Appearance !

I was just arrived at the computer room of my campus to kill my free time when I visited my favorite website forever, blogger.com. And BOOM! It turned out that the official home page has been launched already (Well, usually when we type blogger.com and press enter, the browser bring us to the gmail log-in page #SoBoring). But now the bloggers all over the world have their official homepage before log-in frame, it's just... awesome. I'm that kind of simple blogger who might be super happy just by this little cool change. Thank you Google & Blogger.com team!

Damn it. This is gold ans suppaaaa coooll!
Don't you agree?
"Choose the perfect design"
Roger that, sir! I already got a perfect one :)

"Earn Money"
Ohkayy. Actually my google adsense has been disabled haha :p
But no problem, many advertisers make me rich already #uhuk

"Get a free domain"
The thing is... I'm into dot-com gank right now. Hehehe
*Toss sama para blogger yang geng dot-com*

 "Know your audience"
This is  one of the best facility, you know. I can track who click my blog!!
Like, seriously??

"Join millions of others"
I didn't meet a million yet. But I'm buddy-buddy-ing with 1000+ bloggers thou..

"Hang onto your memories"
Of course I did. This is the greatest diary ever.

I even can open the oldest photo I ever published on internet........

Me at 15 years old, after Junior High School Farewell Party.
Iya, waktu SMP dulu saya emang cupu banget -_____-

Sekarang juga masih cupu sih.
Tapi cakepan dikit kwawakwak (Follow my intagram @Aulhowler )


Gitu doong, google jangan perbarui fitur gmail sama youtube sama googleplus doang.
Sekali-sekali kasih perhatian sama kami para blogger hehehehe :B

Btw maaf pake bahasa inggris yakk..
Lagi kepengen. Udah lama banget enggak english post hehe

39 komentar:

  1. kok tempat gw gak ada yg berubah ya bloggernya, ada yang setting2 lagi kah?

    1. Iya nih, di tempat saya juga masih tampilan lama. Anything wrong with my blog?

    2. Halaman utama yg sebelum log-in mass..

    3. @Mbak Alaika :

      Nothing wrong.
      Kita log-in nya mesti di halaman yg belum log-in. halaman awal mbak.
      coba mode incognito deh di browser nyaa ^^

      atau log out dulu, trus buka lagi blogger.com

  2. aku juga barusan aja buka blogger trus tampilannya begitu.. Asiiiik

  3. keceh yah tampilan home page nya

  4. kit semua pernah cupu kok aul hahha

    oh yaa kakak barusan ngelihat juga eh pas aul juga update soal itu
    ya sudah, mampir sekalian hihi

  5. Wah bener banget ... aku juga love blogger deh... makin cinta dan makin cinta...

  6. Di aku kok belum ada perubahan kayak gitu, ya? :(

  7. Para blogger sekarang lagi pada bahagia dong udah mulai di perhatiin sama gugel asiiiik

  8. bener banget bang Aul!
    kalau udah login, buka aja pake private window, bakal ada homepagenya ^^

    1. Huoooo keceeee...

      tapi saya kudu uka private window dulu nih, hehe

  9. Iya gua maafin kok pakai bahasa inggris, tapi next time nggak bakalan gua maafin ckck

  10. Aku jadi bangga pakek blogger, Aul. Makin ketjeh. Tinggal belik domainnya aja nih. Huahahah :D

  11. gue baru nyadar tadi pas mau log in blogger, tampilannya jadi kece :)

  12. tinggal nungguin perubahan di backend-nya :)

  13. Yoy, masih terus bersaing dengan Wordpress. Sama-sama punya keunggulan.

  14. wew keren uga blogger.com ye
    btw di tempatq kok g berubah ya

  15. lah gue baru tau tampilan awalnya berubah, soalnya gue gak pernah log out email gue jadi kalo buka blogger langsung ke dasbornya :'))

  16. kayaknya yang berubah dikit2 ya, aul. mulai dibenahi sama google. hehe. ada juga widget yang dihapus jadi nggak bisa dipakai lagi di blogspot.


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