Februari 23, 2012

Blurry Here, Blurry There..

    Hello. Yesterday was one of the most surprising day I ever experienced.  A man called me [to my phone, of course] when I was checking my twitter. And guess what, he's one of teacher in my faculty [ Dosen : in indonesia]. Can you imagine that? At first, I was scared. and nervous. I think I never made something wrong at teachers and professors, especially at him. I asked my self, "How could my teacher know my private phone number? What mistake I have done?"

Heyy... Calm down. I will tell you guys all the story completely. Let's see some narcisstic pics first. lol

I wore a blue saphhire-white jacket, red-grey T-shirt,
green rubber bracelets, Owl-shaped-watch-necklace,
common glasses and shoes, my old jeans

So sorry about the very very bad quality photos.
I was so busy all day long. So I could not take photos in afternoon.
This was my first time taking photos at night, and I just realized...
night means not clean or blurry photos.

    Back to the stories. My Dosen asked me to help him translating some text from indonesian language to english. today. OMG. You know, I'm still in the learning. I'm not too good in english, even I love it. Yeah. I mean... I'm just a student, right? what could student do? Creating trouble? Doing a mess? But I couldn't say "No, I cannot Sir!" to him. That's not polite. I have to do my best first. LOL. I have to do it as a challenge and practice. well, practice makes perfect. Isn't it? ;)

Wish me luck, okay! hehehehehe....
See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo...!

Today's Quote:
"Mobile camera is good to use only during afternoon, NOT at night." -Aul Howler-

Thank you so much for Bang Nuel or reviewing my blog (http://immanuels-notes.blogspot.com/2012/02/review-blog-aul-and-home.html) He wrote a very nice post about my blog. Thank you thank you! He's an amazing blogger, anyway. You should visit and follow his blog too [as I did] :)

14 komentar:

  1. haha,, it must be so surprising to have a call from your teacher. and also I lol on your quotes, it really true. But maybe you can use a better lighting so it will look better. :)

    nice outfit. and goodluck for you assignment.

    And ah ya, I just started my scrapbook business, dude.. Take a look the catalog on my blog and order it if you're interested. :)


  2. niat pengen baca UL, tapi kok yaa bahasa inggris semua.. agak males jadi cuma liatin foto narsis lu aja.. :p

  3. woow :O
    that is Great Aul..
    i guess your grammar is better than me, hahahaa

  4. hehe aul gayanya mantap euy. jadi model cocok deh..

  5. Dosen sees an english potential in yours. so that he asked you to be a translator.. good luck :D

  6. Your's Quote:
    "Mobile camera is good to use only during afternoon, NOT at night." -Aul Howler-

    But it's never mind, the most important is your style behind the camera. Although the camera pixel's quality is poor, but the results are good.

  7. masalah yang sama yg sering aku alami bang, foto2 malem hasilnya jelek -_-

  8. wuiih, good luck ya kak Aul :D Semoga makin ganteng #eh xD

  9. berarti dosennya ga bisa bahasa inggris! hahahaha, no, it means maybe he knows u have this blog that u write in english and somehow he trusts you to help him. it is hard to gain someone's respect and trust so treasure it aul! do ur best, im sure u can do it

  10. dosen=lecturer

    if i'm not mistaken

  11. Hey lovely! I'm sure you'll do an amazing job at translating - practice makes perfect, right? :)

    wahh sudah lama since i opened up your blog! I'm loving it more and more - keren bgt. I created a new blog because I wanted to start fresh. maybe we should follow each other again, just like old times.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Kartika xx


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