Maret 28, 2010

Before Night

( Hasil hunting selama 5 hari ke kampung )
Well, My Holiday is Fun...

I watch TV And DVD every morning and night...

I play pokemon game every Afternoon...

I went to Padang Panjang  Town And bough comiks...
And bough Wands, nimbus 2000, A golden snitch, and a kilogram of Floo pouder (Hoho.. Just a joke...)

I borrow 11 book from Padang Panjang's Library:
   ~ 3 Comiks of Detective Conan,
   ~ 2 Comiks Of Gober,
   ~ 2 book Of Kumpulan cerpen,
   ~ 1 book of Bete, Menulis Aja!,
   ~ 2 book of education,
   ~ And 1 book Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows... (swear guys, after read it, My spirit to battle You-know-who become higher... Avada Kedavra!!!)

And don't forget to "Hunting for Photos..."
You know, Padang Panjang Town is beautiful...
Check the photos Bellow:

What do you think of the photos...?
Isn't it good...?

7 komentar:

  1. wuaah . motonya pake SLR , digital, apa HP tuh , keren ^^

  2. Haha. Kamu orang minang bukan ??
    Sama donk ?
    Berkunjung ya sob.

  3. haha. Kamu orang minang bukan .. ??
    Sama donk .. ??
    Berkunjung ya sob.

  4. @ Yuni:

    Haha... Aul sendiri nggak nyangka lho, hasilnya bersih gitu...

    PAdahal cuma pake hape Nexian....


  5. @ Abdul Hafizh Asri:


    Tinggal di daerah mana...?

  6. Tnggal d Bukittinggi ..
    Sukses selalu sob.
    Follow me .


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